Queue the music! All you—the host—need is your tablet, laptop or desktop system, and a browser. All your guests need, is the free Everybody DJ mobile app for iOS or Android. Now everybody can DJ.

Let your guests be the DJ

Organizing a party can be a handful, and getting stressed out over the playlist doesn't help. Who knows what someone's +1 likes? With Everybody DJ, all you have to do is create a party, search and queue-up a few of your favourites, or use one of the featured playlists. Once your guests join the party, they'll take care of the rest. Need some outside recommendations? Text your friends and message social media besties to request their favourites.

Get The Party Started


1. Download Everybody DJ

Have your guests download the app on their mobile devices (we support both iOS and Android.) Your guests can also visit everybodydj.com/app with a web browser to participate. It's free!

Host A Party

2. Host A Party

As the party host, you'll be playing your guests' requests. Connect your Tablet or Desktop system to some speakers or a television, then with your browser go to everybodydj.com/app, and create a party.

Share The Party

3. Share The Party

Have your guests scan the QR code on your Tablet or Desktop (or Television if you're projecting). Using the app, you or your guests can invite others to the party via text message, email, and social medial.

Your Venue is … Anywhere

House Party

House Parties

Upstairs. Downstairs. Dorm rooms or living rooms. Doesn't matter. Rock out!

Corporate Events

Corporate Events

YMCA. Funky Chicken. Macarena or Gangnam Style? Everyone, to the dance floor—NOW.



If it's that time to let your hair down—it's time to get down. A DJ for your perfect day.



Inside. Outside. If you're online anywhere—Everybody DJ can help you get that party started.

Go BIG At Home or Work

Don't settle for a small screen or small speakers, Everybody DJ looks great on a big-screen television and sounds great through a sound-system. Project it or blast it. You got this!

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Your Party Their Playlist

Don't get stuck choosing all the music at your party. Again. Besides, it's time for something new. Discover new songs through guest requests, and enjoy some new favourites. Everybody DJ can remember those favourites for the next party—just login with Facebook.

Rock out or Kick em out!

Everyone's song gets a chance to play. Even that one song. Requested by that one guy. Exercise your powers—skip it or drop the Boot Hammer! As the party host, you can do that. Go Shorty, it's your party.

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